Realistic German Shepherd- learn to sketch a dog


This is my latest piece of art- A realistic sketch of a German Shepherd dog.

Material Required:

  • regular .5 pencil
  • an ear bud
  • 2B graphite pencil
  • 4B graphite pencil
  • 6B graphite pencil
  • 8B graphite pencil
  • a bit sharp pencap or a pen with an empty refill
  • regular erase and a sharp piece as well ( You can use Mono Eraser if you have)
  • kneadable eraser
  • any dry paint brush

To begin with first of all draw a rough sketch of a dog with a .5 pencil. The main part is the area where you will draw the eyes and nose. Draw everything very light so that you can modify it easily without leaving any marks. When you are done with the drawing in a particular area, take a sharp (little bit) pen cap . From the sharp side make lines as the dog’s hair ( press a little hard) , this way you are kind of creating blank lines. When you will start shading with any graphite pencil , these blank lines are just going to be blank again. They will remain white as the carbon from the pencil will not go inside those lines. Look carefully below in the picture  to see how are those blank lines going to look like.


Use the dark shades of any graphite pencil step by step, do not use the darkest one before any lighter shade.

When you sketch the nose , patiently make the tiny dots as the dogs’ nose have multiple dots . Look at the picture below-


Use a dry brush and an ear bud wisely where you need to shade and blend.

In the rest of the things you just have to keep working on your sketch till you feel its done nicely

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How my pregnancy made me selfish and I am glad about it.

Pregnancy comes with loads of surprises and shocks. I, was always an introvert , but now I’m a changed person . Now I try to speak my mind , although it is never an easy stride for me but I still try …and when say what I wanted to , I feel light .

FB_IMG_1504195279697I always wanted to be a mother. I remember when everyone was filling the slam book for the first time (very much in fashion before and after 2005), I had written that having a child was my one of the dreams in life. For few years, I used to say that to and people found it a bit weird because I was not in an affair even  then I wanted to be a mother.

‘Mother’ is a big term for me with enormous responsibilities. When I conceived my first baby, I had realised how living your dream made you feel. Although my pregnancy wasn’t health-wise smooth at all, and I was working too, but I was happy throughout my pregnancy. The baby in me made me happy and strong.

Now, I am expecting another baby, and obviously I’m very happy these days too. I am a person who is caring and empathetic to the people , people share their problems with me like a good friend. I’m an artist , I give painting lesson to kids . I am aware that I wont be able to continue to teach and paint for my YouTube channel and Facebook page for some time. After realizing that I have meager time, I want to focus on my family and on exploiting my creativity. I Am learning to be selfish, because I only want to feel positive and enthusiastic for my baby. I still hear about people’s  share of problems and I give best of my advice.    The change in me which I feel is coming to me is that I have started conveying my discomfort to the ones who talk something really nasty all the time . I am glad that now  I have garnered the guts to be expressive, I am still gentle but very clear not just in my thoughts but also in my action too . When people talk about their problems , i positively give my ear to them but if someone only grumbles about life and not ready to make any effort irritates me because I feel like talking on something where the next person is just puking his or her bad thoughts on me but does not want to take any step, is a wastage of my time, the time when I need to be happy for my baby and to concentrate on my creativity.

Some people always talk only about how their life is bad to them. sometimes even I as a human being get frustrated in life due to circumstances, but it is our responsibility towards our family and to ourselves to bring happiness to them . Now I have realized if I’m not comfortable in talking to someone, it is better to be clear. If I don’t want to hear negative things all the times, it is better to tell them that you are not ready for their vomit, because no matter what you say and what you do the people , some of them will consider you the pot where they can vomit their bad thoughts but later it will stink your brain whole day. You feel disgusting , not because what is happening in your life but what is happening in other’s life.

Most people do not realise that their words affect others’ life, they need reminders. It does not mean they don’t care for you, they just try to relieve themselves, which is not bad , but if it affects us, we need to inform them. If they really care for you, they will definitely understand, if they don’t you should know what to do next…..prioritize yourself more. Just tell them you do not want negative talks all the time. talk about something elses, their on your own plans in life , etc.

Be a good person by helping others and listening to them but it does not mean you have to them more preference than your priorities. We have a right to stop bringing the mess in our life. And only we can do it. Instead of spoiling my mood for the whole day , now I prefer saying that I don’t want to talk about something which takes away my peace. Believe me , no one bothers how we feel later, they bother about their clearance , they are selfish, so now I know how to stop the entry of bad elements in my life and I am really happy about it . I feel I am respecting myself more than ever and being a pregnant women I have a full right to pass good and positive thoughts to my fetus.  I feel stronger, I feel relieved. When you are clear about what you want , it will not change other people ,they will find another pot to puke , but it will bring change in your life, you will be focused and can do more productive things . It is like cleaning the house. NOW, I know how to keep my house (soul and brain) clean.


A lady walking with her pup- Pencil sketch


This time I was just making a pencil sketch but later i decided to turn that out into an acrylic painting .

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is to draw very light with the least pressure on the pencil. This helps in keeping the window of erasing and modification open. For the first coating I have used .5 pencil.

Once the whole sketch is done , you can darken it. I have have used  8HB. FInally shade where its required and for this I have used. 6HB and HB.

Draw a kitten with me- Tutorial


It’s been quite a time posting something on a blog. While giving lessons to kids of different age, I realized that they have interest in learning to draw animals. It is actually not so easy to draw that especially when you are not looking at a picture and trying to copy that. But if you are able to find simple shapes in any animal like rectangles, circles , it becomes easy for you. And then you just have to modify them.

A bit of practice , it is easy to draw or paint anything.

The most important point which you have to keep in mind is to draw as light as possible. Do not put pressure on your pencil. It not only helps t

you to modify it further but also to give your sketch a neat look because when you erase  it leaves your sheet neat and clean.

On the contrary when you draw something dark its leaves an impression of what you have erased . So that is also a matter of practice to draw things light.

In the video below , I am showing you step by step process to draw a kitten which is playing with a ball.


A dark jungle


In this painting i have majorly used gesso: white and black . Other than that I have also used acrylic paints:

  • ultramarine blue
  • yellow ochre
  • lemon yellow
  • burnt umber
  • titanium white
  • vermillion
  • viridian
  • raw umber
  • mars black

Brushes used

  • Sponge brush
  • flat brush 3/4, 1/2
  • fan brush 4
  • palette knife
  • round brush

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Easy cartoon face drawing

We all want to paint but sometimes its difficult to understand where to start from because the difficulty lies in DRAWING.

So in this video learn to draw how to draw easy cartoon faces . Your kids will learn well from this and can use them in various kind of drawings.

Click on the link below to watch the tutorial.

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Toy organizer/ Penniless craft


photo 511 14-22-42

Before marriage most of us had a room which was clean and very well organised. Then we marry and things change. But we still are able to keep our rooms organised. We face a pandemonium scene when we have kids because they have so many toys. Sometimes we walk in such a way as if we have land mines hiding under the carpet in the toys.

I have a room which supposed to be my son’s room but it looks like a toys’ room only, toys all around. I have big boxes and all but still I feel the need to buy more toy organizers. I am sure I’m not the only mother who feels like this. But how much money we can pour in to buy toy organizers. So instead of buy more and more storage boxes ,we can make them at home without spending any penny. Just do not throw away your Amazon or Walmart cartons

Things required-

  • 3 carton boxes of different sizes (Same sizes can be used too)
  • 3 paints ( I chose red, green and blue)
  • Sponge brush
  • glue
  • super glue
  • transparent plastic sheet

Lets begin –

  • First of all take three square cartons. I have taken cube shaped 511 14-31-13
  • Now cut 2 out of 4 flip covers. Make sure you don’t cut those 2 while closes the opening of the cartons. We want them to close the organizers’ front portion. Look at the picture below for your 511 14-30-38
  • In the third step you have to paint the 3 sides(left ,right and upper) and the 2 flip covers. Color the three boxes in three different colors. Let them dry.

Optional- Instead of painting you can wrap the sides with gift wrapping sheets too. This will look fancy too. But three boxes in 3 different prints of gift wrapping sheets.

  • We need to make 3 arrow shaped pieces ( 15-20 cm long)which will help the door to be closed . paint them in green , red and blue. Make these arrows from the pieces you cut from the carton .
  • Now you need 6 rectangular pieces of transparent plastic ( 25 -30 cm long) which you can get from the toy box or any other toy. Toy boxes have this kind of sheet for displaying the toys inside the box. Take it out as we need it.


photo 511 14-30-10

Fold the plastic sheet for about 0.5 to 1 cm from the bottom. Now bring the top to folded area and stick to it with super glue. It will create a shape of a drop. Make it flat to paste it on the flip covers .



  • Paste the plastic loops on the flip covers .

photo 511 14-28-11

Stack the 3 colored boxes on each other . Biggest on the bottom and smallest on the top. Glue them properly keeping the hierarchy in mind and the back unpainted portion in one straight line .

  • Use the arrows to close the boxes’ mouth . Put the toys inside. photo 511 14-22-42Your organizer is ready for kids’ room without spending a single penny from your pocket. This organizer can also be used to keep something else too.                                 NOTE- Don’t keep anything too heavy


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