Easy cartoon face drawing

We all want to paint but sometimes its difficult to understand where to start from because the difficulty lies in DRAWING.

So in this video learn to draw how to draw easy cartoon faces . Your kids will learn well from this and can use them in various kind of drawings.

Click on the link below to watch the tutorial.https://youtu.be/gmObQ4-9-2E

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Toy organizer/ Penniless craft


photo 511 14-22-42

Before marriage most of us had a room which was clean and very well organised. Then we marry and things change. But we still are able to keep our rooms organised. We face a pandemonium scene when we have kids because they have so many toys. Sometimes we walk in such a way as if we have land mines hiding under the carpet in the toys.

I have a room which supposed to be my son’s room but it looks like a toys’ room only, toys all around. I have big boxes and all but still I feel the need to buy more toy organizers. I am sure I’m not the only mother who feels like this. But how much money we can pour in to buy toy organizers. So instead of buy more and more storage boxes ,we can make them at home without spending any penny. Just do not throw away your Amazon or Walmart cartons

Things required-

  • 3 carton boxes of different sizes (Same sizes can be used too)
  • 3 paints ( I chose red, green and blue)
  • Sponge brush
  • glue
  • super glue
  • transparent plastic sheet

Lets begin –

  • First of all take three square cartons. I have taken cube shaped boxes.photo 511 14-31-13
  • Now cut 2 out of 4 flip covers. Make sure you don’t cut those 2 while closes the opening of the cartons. We want them to close the organizers’ front portion. Look at the picture below for your reference.photo 511 14-30-38
  • In the third step you have to paint the 3 sides(left ,right and upper) and the 2 flip covers. Color the three boxes in three different colors. Let them dry.

Optional- Instead of painting you can wrap the sides with gift wrapping sheets too. This will look fancy too. But three boxes in 3 different prints of gift wrapping sheets.

  • We need to make 3 arrow shaped pieces ( 15-20 cm long)which will help the door to be closed . paint them in green , red and blue. Make these arrows from the pieces you cut from the carton .
  • Now you need 6 rectangular pieces of transparent plastic ( 25 -30 cm long) which you can get from the toy box or any other toy. Toy boxes have this kind of sheet for displaying the toys inside the box. Take it out as we need it.


photo 511 14-30-10

Fold the plastic sheet for about 0.5 to 1 cm from the bottom. Now bring the top to folded area and stick to it with super glue. It will create a shape of a drop. Make it flat to paste it on the flip covers .



  • Paste the plastic loops on the flip covers .

photo 511 14-28-11

Stack the 3 colored boxes on each other . Biggest on the bottom and smallest on the top. Glue them properly keeping the hierarchy in mind and the back unpainted portion in one straight line .

  • Use the arrows to close the boxes’ mouth . Put the toys inside. photo 511 14-22-42Your organizer is ready for kids’ room without spending a single penny from your pocket. This organizer can also be used to keep something else too.                                 NOTE- Don’t keep anything too heavy


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A boat in a lake-Acrylic painting


The beauty of Nature is limitless. I, who love making portraits, have found interest in Nature paintings too when I first painted one of this kind. My horizons are opened. I feel I am not just not demonstrating or giving tutorials and lessons, rather I am learning every single day. I’m becoming more and more observant everyday.

My above painting is my latest Acrylic painting which I made to present someone who not only motivated me but also made me realize what I’m capable of.

This painting is dedicated to my friend Tanu Paliwal.

Paints used –

  • Crimson Red
  • Lamp black
  • Cobalt Black
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Orange
  • Titanium White
  • Sap Green
  • Nectarine
  • Dark yellow

Brushes used 

  • 3/8 Angle brush -Artist Loft
  • 1/8 Angle brush -(Daler Rowney)
  • 2 Flat brush-(Artist loft)
  • 6 Flat brush-(Daler Rowney)
  • 3/4 Flat brush -(Yangzhou China)
  • 0 Thin brush -(Artist Loft)
  • An old brush -( brand name erased)

You can watch the demonstration of this painting on my Youtube channel by clicking on the link

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Ladder to success

20170820_143651When you grow, there are always a few who would try to trim you.

When you improve ,you would find a few counting your lacunae.

When you start becoming stronger , people will scare you for sure.

When you move on the right path, for many that chosen path would be wrong, you might be pulled back.

Never get bothered because there is always someone among many who would love to see you growing , improving and becoming strong. Catch a hold of him/her and continue you journey.

Rose never stops blooming because of Thorns been pricked.

Not everyone has the power to be a rose .

Bloom and spread your fragrance.

****Even the best people have haters.****

 © 2017 Prachi Chaturvedi
 All copy rights reserved


Picture frame using Felt sheets

We all believe in making memories which help us to cherish the time we had spent, the we we once had. We all take pictures but sometimes we think of buying pictures frames not anymore from the shop

So , I had decided to make a picture frame using few things at home.


photo 288 13-11-32

Things we require:

  • Felt sheets ( any print you like)
  • Carton box
  • Picture (of your choice)
  • 3 twigs
  • floral tape (green)
  • glue
  • Colored paper ( of your choice)
  • Cotton

Let’s get started

  1. Take a carton box .Cut 2 rectangular pieces approximately the A4 size. Now cut the size of the picture you selected in the center of one of the pieces from the carton(see the picture below).

photo 288 13-16-45

2. Take the card board piece with the cut out from the center. To give my frame a puffy and nice look, I took the pieces of while felt sheets with cotton filled as sandwich . You do not need glue for fixing the cotton, but you need to fix the white felt sheet with glue on the card board sheet. Do the same for all the four sides.(Look at the picture for reference)

photo 288 13-16-18


3. Take the card board piece with the cut out from the center. Put it on the white side of the printed felt sheet. This is the side which is just behind the side which which has cotton. In short keep it upside down. The part of the felt sheet, which is visible in the center of the card board, cut it in the shape of ‘X’. Now fold all the four sides up and glue them.(Look at the picture for reference)

photo 288 13-15-49


4. In the fourth step , you need to take the other rectangular piece and white A4 sheets pasted on both the sides. Now keep this piece on the other piece with the cutout in the center, the picture you see in the 3rd step, exactly on that side . photo 288 13-15-18


5. Now paste only the 3 sides of the felt sheet . Remaining one side will be pasted between these two rectangular pieces, so that you can insert the photograph and change whenever you like.

photo 288 13-10-58


Now comes the decoration part.

Flower making step by step

  • Take 3 twigs , cover them with floral tape.

photo 288 13-14-20

  • Take colored papers, fold the strips from one corner and cut them as I have cut in the picture below.

photo 288 13-14-46

  • If you have folded the strips in upward direction, start curling each and every thin strips in inward direction with the help of twigs. Now keep it upside down , glue the folded corner and start wrapping around the twigs. See the picture below

photo 288 13-13-48

  • Cut a few cut outs for leaves and stick them in the same way you did for the upper part.

photo 288 13-13-18

Flowers are ready. Paste them on the bottom of the frame.

photo 288 13-12-15


Felt decoration

Take white felt sheet. Cut two pieces of white clouds and a yellow circle for the Sun. Paste these pieces on the top corner of your frame .


photo 288 13-11-32


And …here it is


Insert any picture inside. You can decorate vertically too if you want a portrait size picture frame.



How to use charcoal to make a sketch



My first attraction towards Art and Painting started with sketching portraits . I have always loved it. This time I have tried using charcoal for the first time. And the above picture is the outcome of that .

To watch the demonstration click on the link.

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A quiet evening -Easy watercolor landscape painting


Its a very easy watercolor painting with just a few colors.

In this painting I have used artist’s tape as a border on my sheet. This gives my painting a neat white frame.

Brushes used

  • 1″ flat brush
  • 0 brush
  • 6 flat brush

Watercolors used

  • Lamp black
  • Violet
  • Cobalt blue
  • Lemon yellow
  • Yellow ochre
  • Chinese white

Paper used

Cold compressed watercolor paper

First of all I make a pencil sketch of the hill and the people.Its wet on wet technique. So wetted the desired area with water this the process of painting started. be little careful while layering the colors .


  1. Don’t use excess of water. Like I don’t prefer wetting the whole sheet in one go because ,the water will dry quickly if i could not reach all the parts of my paper, and when I need more water to wet that area again , the sheet will become wobbly and uneven.
  2. Don’t make the sketch dark otherwise it will spoil the light watercolor shade of yellow.


Click on the link for the demonstration of the painting.


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