Dangle Earrings Holder

Hi friends!

As I have already mentioned in my earlier posts that I just don’t discard anything easily unless I find it a total waste.

So, this is how I reused a piece of a toy shopping cart, which was accidentally broken by my son when he was trying to sit on it.

Now I have got rid of multiple boxes and pouches to keep my dangle earrings. I know its not easy to remember where we keep our earrings, anklets,chains, danglers, etc.

So no more pouches and boxes.

If you have any such thing, use it for hanging your chains, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, anklets  etc.

Note: Use it for artificial or low cost jewellery.


Cherry blossoms painting


In the spring season , we all get fascinated with the beauty of the Nature. When we look around the roads and parks , our eyes get glued to the cherry blossoms. Aren’t they?
In my video,I have painted cherry blossoms with the help of straw. I had done this with my budding artists, and it came out so well because of the fun element in this technic.
This is really interesting and easy technic, so don’t worry if you or your children are not so good in paintings or drawing, because it is really easy.
You can skip painting the background, if you wish. In that case, it will appear little different, a bit more smooth. 

Click on the link video link for the tutorial.


Photo Board

As a mother of a child, I keep getting a lot of broken pieces of toys and other things. Like most of the other kids my son also love puzzles. But the challenge is to keep them interested in them. Once they get bored , or their level for playing with those puzzles gets higher, these puzzles are just trash. But instead of throwing anything I give a thought of using it somehow.

In this blog I have used Melissa and Doug puzzle wooden board for making a Photo Board.

photo 124 23-50-8

Material required :

  • 1 wooden Puzzle board
  • Glue
  • Metallic Paint ( I used brown)
  • Black marker
  • 2 photographs
  • Card board piece
  • A metal ring from a key ring
  • Cello tape
  • Multi-colored Craft gems

Lets get started

  1. Take one wooden puzzle board . Clean it if it is dirty. We will be working on the flat and even side. photo 124 23-40-59
  2. Keep the photographs on the even side of the board . You can keep the distance between them according to your choice. Make an outline with the help of pencil. Paint outside the two rectangular shaped outlines. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the board as it is thick enough to be seen even from distance. You can choose any color of your choice.photo 194 20-30-28
  3. Draw the design with the help of black marker. Just to have a better idea I had drawn the design on a similar size of paper . I also put the gems on the board to see how they would look, but without sticking them with glue .When I was working on the board I preferred sticking the gems on corners (on the top and the bottom). It helped me to make a  design I wanted.photo 194 20-28-57
  4. Start sticking the gems on the board with the help of glue. You can choose any color for the flowers. photo 124 23-54-16
  5. Take a metal ring from the key ring .Expand the gap between the double layered ring. It will help you to hang the photo board on the wall . Now with the help of super glue stick it at the back of the board. You can skip this option if you wish to keep the photo board on the table.  photo 204 23-22-14
  6. Now take 2 rectangle pieces of card board, stick them together so that it will be hard enough to take the weight of the photo board. Bend a little part from the bottom. The shape will be like \_. With the help of cello tape , make a bridge kind of thing between the card board and the puzzle board. Try to make the stand hard and strong, remember it doesn’t have to bend from an undesired side.  photo 124 23-57-28
  7. Finally , paste the photographs on the unpainted rectangles on the even side of the board. I chose horizontal (landscape) pictures, you can use the pictures vertically ( for portraits). All set to decorate it on the table or the wall.photo 134 0-10-45

Main idea behind my blog

Learn how to paint and do craft with the help of junk in few easy steps.

I have been doing craft work and paintings for a long time. But its the first time I have decided to start sharing my ideas with everyone through my blog. My focus majorly will be on craft and paintings.
I prefer doing craft out of junk which are inexpensive. My idea behind the craft is to make the trash beautiful and interesting.
For paintings, sometimes I google ,sometimes I read books for the ideas and I try to do in my own style.
My videos and posts will help you and your kids to do something creative. 

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