What went wrong

The tattered pieces of my shirt,
 I beheld my life in my arms,
 Gave him a Shudder n jiggle.
 I swayed him without a giggle.

I knew something  was wrong,
 But to embrace the truth, I had to be strong.

Just a few minutes ago,
 He was cooing, he was happy
 He was dressed up handsome
 with a tiny nappy.

Everything stopped when the monsters entered ,
 I struggled when they pestered.

My child got terrified so was I,
 But the monsters drooled from the each eye.

My clothes were torn.
 My flesh was torn.
 The hurricane came
 My life leaped when the monsters had gone.

I was queasy,
 recollecting my clothes wasn't  that easy.
 I was scared, and was dead
 But I had no time to feel lazy.

Not for a second I forgot my child
 When the horny monsters were wild.
 Although, I died every single second
 When they all piled.

I could feel the tearing,
 Endless pain that I was bearing,
 But I couldn't detour
 For my child's cry I was hearing.

My swollen lower lip,
A blue patch on my hip,
My peeled skin of elbows,
My modesty those monsters loved to whip.

The punches and slaps on my face,
They did everything to gift me disgrace.

My bitten bosom,
Clothes which were made loosen.

The streams of blood
 Spurted between my thighs.
 Was someone still looking down
 From the blue skies.

For help,I couldn't  wait.
 Always be haunted by this unforgettable date.

I recalled, what went wrong.
 Why did I suffer?
 Was it the wrong time that I chose to come out,
 Or my nicely worn dress,
 Was I too beautiful,
 Or I gave wrong signals,
 Perhaps I just looked happy,
 Possibly those monsters were young and naive.

 © 2017 Prachi Chaturvedi
 All copy rights reserved