Picture frame using Felt sheets

We all believe in making memories which help us to cherish the time we had spent, the we we once had. We all take pictures but sometimes we think of buying pictures frames not anymore from the shop

So , I had decided to make a picture frame using few things at home.


photo 288 13-11-32

Things we require:

  • Felt sheets ( any print you like)
  • Carton box
  • Picture (of your choice)
  • 3 twigs
  • floral tape (green)
  • glue
  • Colored paper ( of your choice)
  • Cotton

Let’s get started

  1. Take a carton box .Cut 2 rectangular pieces approximately the A4 size. Now cut the size of the picture you selected in the center of one of the pieces from the carton(see the picture below).

photo 288 13-16-45

2. Take the card board piece with the cut out from the center. To give my frame a puffy and nice look, I took the pieces of while felt sheets with cotton filled as sandwich . You do not need glue for fixing the cotton, but you need to fix the white felt sheet with glue on the card board sheet. Do the same for all the four sides.(Look at the picture for reference)

photo 288 13-16-18


3. Take the card board piece with the cut out from the center. Put it on the white side of the printed felt sheet. This is the side which is just behind the side which which has cotton. In short keep it upside down. The part of the felt sheet, which is visible in the center of the card board, cut it in the shape of ‘X’. Now fold all the four sides up and glue them.(Look at the picture for reference)

photo 288 13-15-49


4. In the fourth step , you need to take the other rectangular piece and white A4 sheets pasted on both the sides. Now keep this piece on the other piece with the cutout in the center, the picture you see in the 3rd step, exactly on that side . photo 288 13-15-18


5. Now paste only the 3 sides of the felt sheet . Remaining one side will be pasted between these two rectangular pieces, so that you can insert the photograph and change whenever you like.

photo 288 13-10-58


Now comes the decoration part.

Flower making step by step

  • Take 3 twigs , cover them with floral tape.

photo 288 13-14-20

  • Take colored papers, fold the strips from one corner and cut them as I have cut in the picture below.

photo 288 13-14-46

  • If you have folded the strips in upward direction, start curling each and every thin strips in inward direction with the help of twigs. Now keep it upside down , glue the folded corner and start wrapping around the twigs. See the picture below

photo 288 13-13-48

  • Cut a few cut outs for leaves and stick them in the same way you did for the upper part.

photo 288 13-13-18

Flowers are ready. Paste them on the bottom of the frame.

photo 288 13-12-15


Felt decoration

Take white felt sheet. Cut two pieces of white clouds and a yellow circle for the Sun. Paste these pieces on the top corner of your frame .


photo 288 13-11-32


And …here it is


Insert any picture inside. You can decorate vertically too if you want a portrait size picture frame.




Beautiful flower vase

20170717_164403I am sure I am not the only one who thinks of reusing the used bottles. Generally we end up throwing may in the dustbin. This time I made a beautiful flower vase for my living room. It’s not necessary to loose the strings of our pocket to buy cases and other decorative items. We all can make them at home with the junk we find at home.

Watch my video (https://youtu.be/BEsmenwm1Vs)  to see the tutorial.

Earlier I had made a vase from a used bottle of oil. Then I had no thought of making a video of step by step pictures. It looked like this ….⬇️


I had used very few things to make this beautiful vase which u can find easily at home:

  • An empty oil bottle
  • Glitter
  • Nail paint
  • GlueGlue

Try using bottles like me and transform them into beautiful decoratives.