Homosexuality- It is not a matter of ethics and culture

Recently, another case of same-sex marriage came in the limelight. Two women got married in Bengaluru. When I was reading this news article on Facebook there are plenty of comments which speak out loud about the misconception about homosexuality. Many people relate it with the matter of ethics and culture. But is it really a matter of that?

Natural or Unnatural

What is natural in sex? Penetration ? If yes, in that case even the married couples do a lot of experiments which can be tagged as unnatural. And what about marital rape? Why don’t we talk and criticize that? Falling for someone is as natural as falling for opposite sex. It is just a matter of sexual orientation. If a person feels for someone of the same sex , it is automatically natural . No one forces someone to do so. Yes it can possible that a gay feels for someone who is straight. If he feels the same in return (sooner or later) , he is a gay. And it is not the influence of the other gay, rather its self – awakening.

Unethical, not a part of our culture….really?

First of all , let us be clear about ethics. Isn’t it something which is not morally approvable. But do we really think of it every time we do things. Being an Indian , i have read and heard a plenty of times that its not a part of our Indian Culture, it came from the West. Homosexuality is not an object which travels through planes or ships to our country. Its just some of the nations have started accepting it , legally too. It was always there in every society, possibly we were unaware. Media plays a vital role in it. Who decides what is ethically right and what is ethically wrong, depends on our comfort. Forcing a gay or a lesbian to marry straight is Unethical, for both.

Why coerce- will it be effective?

I see most people are against it. But nothing will happen even it will be curbed. If something has to happen , will happen. You can forcefully marry a gay to a straight girl wondering everything will turn out to be good in sometime. Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is the openly gay prince who married a girl. but when he actually understood himself he couldn’t continue his marriage. In this case, everyone suffered , he himself ,his wife who couldn’t get what she wanted from her marriage and as a result parents from both the sides.

Homosexuals cant lead a happy family life…. is it true?

We all have similar sort of upbringing where we are always told that men and women are supposed to be together, they make a family, they make babies together. Well an ideal family has a husband , a wife and children. Gays can have a happy family too. Its just they need to have a partner strong enough to hold his parner’s hand in tough times, because they have to face a lot of troubles from the society. And yes they can have kids, bu adoption or by sperm donation etc. Even if they don’t have kids , they can still lead a happy life like other couples. We can’t set a parameter of happiness for anyone.

Why most parents don’t understand this concept

Well most of the parents frown at this concept. The problem with them is not that they don’t understand their kids rather they bother more about the society. Being social animals, they get conscious about what the society would say or how would they react when they come to know about their kids sexual orientation.  They tend to forget support their kids which can shut other people’s mouth. They are scared of being boycotted by others. They forget that neighbours and relatives talk till we allow them to. Never forget one thing- No matter what people will talk, lets not be affected by whatever we hear. I know its easier said than done, but try. There are a few parents who sooner or later accept their children’s real happiness. By pushing their gay kids to marry someone straight wont help anyone.

Section 377- Love conquers all, including laws against it

In the recent days , a female sub-inspector Manjit Kaur of Punjab police married her partner in a grand ceremony on Aprill 22. Another couple from couple tied in the pious wedlock in Kolkata. Suchandra is pursuing her passion for photography and Shree Mukherjee is a Marketing Head in an engineering company.

Savita and Beena claimed to get married with each other . Punjab and Haryana  high court passes a judgement that directed all district and sessions judges to ensure help and assistance to runaway couple.

Where there is will , there is a way. No law can enforce people to love someone, neither it can stop the lovers. the fact can not be denied that the path for homosexuals is not at all cozy , they have to face a lot of struggles in life but if they are determined they can achieve success. There are so many cases of suicides recorded by homosexuals.  There are plenty of people who never got the courage to come out of their closet. And there will  be many who are leading a (an unhappy and unsatisfying) life of pretending straight.

Everyone has a right to be happy. If we expect a straight to live like gays in the same way it is hard and stressful for a gay to lead a life like straight. Being a straight would you prefer marrying someone who you know will never be able to give you anything that you expect, no sexual pleasures and happiness ? If the answer is NO, dont expect the homosexuals should not marry the person of their choice.

Some things can never be changed, especially by force. Homosexuality is not a disease which has a remedy. Its a matter of choice.