A quiet evening -Easy watercolor landscape painting


Its a very easy watercolor painting with just a few colors.

In this painting I have used artist’s tape as a border on my sheet. This gives my painting a neat white frame.

Brushes used

  • 1″ flat brush
  • 0 brush
  • 6 flat brush

Watercolors used

  • Lamp black
  • Violet
  • Cobalt blue
  • Lemon yellow
  • Yellow ochre
  • Chinese white

Paper used

Cold compressed watercolor paper

First of all I make a pencil sketch of the hill and the people.Its wet on wet technique. So wetted the desired area with water this the process of painting started. be little careful while layering the colors .


  1. Don’t use excess of water. Like I don’t prefer wetting the whole sheet in one go because ,the water will dry quickly if i could not reach all the parts of my paper, and when I need more water to wet that area again , the sheet will become wobbly and uneven.
  2. Don’t make the sketch dark otherwise it will spoil the light watercolor shade of yellow.


Click on the link for the demonstration of the painting.


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The sailing boat


The above painting is inspired from one of my friend’s photography collection . The photo was taken in Brazil.

I mostly like human figures for my paintings , but sometimes it’s hard to resist myself to put Nature’s beauty on canvas. There is something so interesting in this picture which made me paint it.

For tutorial click on the link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbhfztRknrg