The Morning Tea


The idea of this painting came in mind when I saw a couple drinking tea. Well before I didn’t get this idea as my husband doesn’t drink it especially in the morning.

In the above painting , before I dipped my brush in the paint I wet the paper .

Be careful while defining the outline of the cups and saucers.

I have also used the salt technique in this painting. It gave my painting, to be accurate my table a very unique look. I had sprinkled some salt near the cookie plate, where you see yellow and and the blend of other blue shades and violet.

Watch the video for a better idea.

Paints Required: ( Artist’s Loft-Watercolors)

  • Lemon yellow
  • Lamp black
  • Yellow ochre
  • Chinese white
  • Cobalt blue
  • Violet
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Burnt Umber



Don’t just eat a watermelon, paint too


I used to think painting fruits and vegetables was not an easy job, at least for me. So , I took it as a challenge. I kept a watermelon on my dining table , observed everything, it’s shape, color , shade , etc. I had a rough idea of what watercolors and brushes I would be using, so the mixing of color to a shade was impromptu.

For the tutorial , click on the link




Paint a rose with me


I love taking challenges because they keep me excited and happy.  It took me quite a time to make an original painting as I had never been to any art school. But I proudly call myself An ARTIST . Its my passion. Today I made a painting of a rose with water colors. To watch the tutorial click on the link ( ..

Well the final painting has a background too, but when I was done with my painting I realised that the rose without the green background looked more beautiful to me. The final look of my painting is like this….



Hope you like the complete version too. Let me know which one you like more.